To become the number one European data-driven e-commerce group for premium and luxury fashion accessories. We set out to bring the best of both worlds together: the inspiring experience of strolling through international accessory stores and the convenience of shopping hundreds of designer brands online from anywhere. Being guided by our customers’ individual lifestyle choices we created our own unique proprietary IT and data platform that enables us to create a unique customer experience.
Every day we aim to create an even better shopping experience for our customers to become the one stop shop for premium and luxury fashion accessories in Europe.

Ourstrategic priorities

Turning our vision into reality, we have developed strategic priorities that enable us to grow faster than the market.


  • Our priorities include continuously expanding our selection within existing product categories, but also to new product categories – always aiming to offer our customers a curated selection of premium and luxury fashion accessories that complete and accentuate their outfits.
  • In addition, we not only grow within our selection, but also expand to new markets both organically and inorganically.
  • At the core of all this stands our own IT and data platform, in which we continuously invest to reinforce process optimization and the customer experience. In combination with our own unique content production, we build honest and inspiring customer relationships.

We are convinced that the optimization of the shopping experience and a continuous focus on operational excellence and high-quality customer service, combined with a significant increase in demand for our premium and luxury fashion accessories, will help us achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. The increase in active customers and an even stronger increase in the number of orders underscores that fashionette is not only attracting new customers but is also able to increase the frequency of purchases among its existing customers.