CodeOf Conduct

At fashionette we are committed to acting with integrity towards our internal and external stakeholders by respecting the law and ensuring compliance with the company values and contents of our Code of Conducts. Our Code of Conducts build the basis of all group policies, sets expectations and provides orientation on how fashionette wants to conduct business.


The Code of Conduct for employees is structured in five chapters and summarizes the essential principles and rules that govern our actions and business activities.

  • Integrity of our business conduct
  • Integrity of our conduct with each other
  • Integrity of our social actions
  • Integrity in the handling of information
  • Integrity in dealing with company assets


The Code of Conduct for business partners sets the baseline for fair and safe labour practises, environmental protection, and ethical business behaviour throughout our value chain. We expect our business partners to ensure health and safety of their employees. Equally, we do not tolerate human rights violations, any form of corruption, child labour, forced labour or other involuntary labour.


Compliance& Risk Management

fashionette has two Compliance Officers to monitor, document and report on risks stemming from breaches of the group policies and ethical standards in business. fashionette’s compliance management system includes policy management, a help desk tool (corporate email for internal and external stakeholders), and compliance-related trainings. External and internal stakeholders can submit and report any compliance notices or violations to us at

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