About Us


fashionette AG is a leading European data-driven e-commerce group for premium and luxury fashion accessories. With its online platforms fashionette.com and brandfield.com the fashionette group not only offers inspiration but a curated assortment of premium and luxury handbags, shoes, small leather goods, sunglasses, watches and jewelry from more than 300 brands, including own brands. Reinforcing more than ten years of fashion accessory experience the fashionette group developed a compelling proprietary IT and data platform using cutting edge technology and artificial intelligence to make personalized online shopping of premium and luxury fashion accessories available to those who love to accentuate and individualize their outfits

active in 14 European countries
> 300 premium and luxury brands


We make personalized online shopping of premium and luxury fashion accessories available to everyone who loves to complete, accentuate and individualize their outfit. We believe that everyone should have the possibility to express their personality and emphasize their individuality. Our wide range of diverse fashion accessories and designers, attractive prices for every budget, customer-oriented payment options and unique customer experience keep this inspiration alive.


We aim to offer our customers a curated selection of premium and luxury fashion accessories which complete and accentuate their outfits. This includes a wide range of premium and luxury fashion accessories including handbags, shoes, small leather goods, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, and beauty products from more than 300 remarkable brands as well as our own.

With our beauty launch in November 2021, we have extended our selection to a completely new yet adjacent product category. This enabled us to increase our range of brands by +70% and to offer our customer an additional option to complete their outfits.

With our successful own brand Isabel Bernard, we demonstrate our strong own brand approach which will not only contribute significantly to our profitability but also help us to optimize our personalized shopping experience.


All over Europe we set out to bring the best of two worlds together: the inspiring experience of strolling through international accessory stores and the convenience of shopping hundreds of brands boundless online from anywhere. This unique customer experience is available at both of our online platforms fashionette.com and Brandfield.com. Together we are present in 14 European countries and have shipped 1,1 million orders to 976 thousand active customers leading to EUR 134m in net revenue in 2021.

> 1 million active customers in 2021



fashionette has a deep-rooted connection with premium and luxury fashion accessories. Founded as a rental of designer handbags in 2008, it has evolved to one of the leading online platforms for fashion accessories and established market-leading brand recognition for premium and luxury handbags in its core market of Germany. The retail brand focuses on making personalized online shopping for premium and luxury fashion accessories available to everyone who loves to complete her or his outfit with style.




Brandfield has a strong connection with accessories and jewelry. Established in 2008, as an e-commerce company specializing in sunglasses and watches, Brandfield is a market leader in premium jewelry and accessories in the Benelux region. Brandfield uses data analytics to understand the consumers, thereby creating an engaging and authentic brand experience across all touchpoints, including online platforms and physical stores.

> 10 years of data experience


We have revolutionized the way people can buy premium and luxury fashion accessories – by combining our profound knowledge about fashion accessories from a rather emotional driven industry with our outstanding know-how about data and analytics. Based on over a decade of analysis and refinement our selected team of technology experts and product specialists have engineered our IT & Data platform to perfectly serve our customers’ needs and enable a personalized customer experience. Data streams from all business areas are incorporated effortlessly into our highly scalable data lake. Refinement is key to offering our customers exactly what they are looking for, to inspire them and to give our customers a personalized shopping experience of premium and luxury fashion accessories.


Our passion for fashion accessories is something we have in common with our customers. To give them the most realistic impression of our products we examine the quality of every product, describe it and add additional details to help customer make the right choice. Our photographers shoot the products in our own studio – with and without model. For example, for our product detail pages or for social media or newsletters. Automated processes and tools, like the size comparison tool or product listing pages based on artificial intelligence, round off our balance between hand-guided content creation and data-based content automation.

> 25,000 products